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[audio]"Field Recording of One Dollar Deflating for One Minute at a -1.4% Inflation Rate" - Jonathon Keats
"Field Recording of One Dollar Deflating for One Minute at a -1.4% Inflation Rate" Artist biography: Jonathon Keats is a conceptual artist, fabulist, and critic residing in San Francisco, California, USA. Most recently he choreographed the first ballet for honeybees at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. He has also exhibited extraterrestrial abstract artwork at the Judah L. Magnes Museum, unveiled a prototype ouija voting booth for the 2008 election at the Berkeley Art Museum, attempted to genetic...
Keywords: sound; US dollar; deflation
Downloads: 65
[movies]Max Keiser on Bailouts, Bush Administration, the dollar and Gold
Max Keiser's appearance on Aljazeera English news on the 18th September, 2008 as the financial chaos that struck down Lehman Bros and AIG moves on to Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. Max talks about the Paulson bailouts and what it means for the US dollar.
Keywords: max keiser; bailouts; us economic collapse; gold; us dollar
Downloads: 156
[movies]Max Keiser - 15 November 2008 - G20 and US dollar
Afshin Rattansi talks to Max Keiser about the dollar as world leaders lean to it being removed as the world's reserve currency. And the implications for social unrest in the U.S. and signs of failures to come in an Obama administration. The interview was conducted live on Saturday, November 15, 2008 on Press TV
Keywords: max keiser; afshin rattansi; us dollar; hank paulson; g20; civil unrest; us financial collapse 2008
Downloads: 46
[audio]Max Keiser - The Truth About Markets - 13 September 2008
The Truth about Markets with Max Keiser. Aired 13 September 2008. Topics: Power to shape the internet is on the periphery; centralization of power; two tier internet system; google satellites over Africa; tension between anarchy and centralized government; financial markets breaking down; inflation versus deflation; US Fed effectively backing paper money with mortgages; ecological and financial upheaval; US dollar shining bright just before it dies.
Keywords: max keiser; truth about markets; inflation; deflation; africa; google; assignats; hyperinflation; french revolution; anarchy; us dollar
Downloads: 87
[audio]Max Keiser - The Truth About Markets - 08 November 2008 - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert
Max and Stacy talk about the US Fed printing money; Bloomberg suing Fed for disclosure of collateral; devaluation of the US dollar; Russia; China; and Crystallex mine being seized by Venezuelan authorities.
Keywords: max keiser; resonance fm; us federal reserve; us depression 2008; devaluation us dollar; crystallex
Downloads: 53
[movies]Max Keiser debates Alan Greenspan's role in the financial meltdown
Max Keiser's appearance on France 24's "Face Off" on September 18, 2008 to debate Christian Stoffaes on the role of Alan Greenspan's loose monetary policies and advocacy of adjustable rate mortgages on the meltdown in the US financial system.
Keywords: max keiser; alan greenspan; 2008 financial crisis; aig; lehman; us dollar; inflation
Downloads: 343
[audio]Max Keiser Radio - 17 Novemer 2008 - Don't mention our currency! - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert
Max and Stacy talk about the unmentionable dollar at the G20 meeting. Max suggests Mike Milken ask for a pardon so he can return and fix the derivatives nightmare he helped unleash. Senators Grassley and Inhofe turn on Goldman's role in dispersing the bailout funds.
Keywords: max keiser; max kaiser; mike milken; us dollar; senator grassley; goldman sachs; senator inhofe
Downloads: 92
[audio]Max Keiser - Max Keiser Radio - - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert
Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert talk about the finite people; Mike Milken and his pardon; the currency problem - the US dollar and UK pound are unmentionables at this weekend's G20 meeting; becoming a bank to grab the TARP funds; when will the taxpayer say, âenough?â Show aired on 17 November 2008 on Max Keiser Radio Dot Com
Keywords: max keiser; max keiser radio; max keiser podcast; us dollar; tarp funds; g20 meeting; us financial crisis 2008
Downloads: 481
[audio]Peterson Perspectives: The Declining Dollar: No Cause for Concern - Peterson Institute for International Economics
Joseph E. Gagnon discusses the consequences of a declining dollar and sees little likelihood of the dollar crashing in relation to other currencies.
Keywords: exchange rates; monetary policy; US dollar; current account deficit; dollar decline; dollar devaluation; currencies; Joseph Gagnon; Peterson Institute; Institute for International Economics
Downloads: 695
[movies]Liberty News TV--Episode 15--April 2006
ECONOMY IN CRISIS. Some of the nation's best economists are finally telling it like it is. The U.S. Economy is teetering on the abyss. We look into the legacy of the Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Bush free ride for free trade. What do we find? Foreign ownership of critical assets, a devastated manufacturing sector and $804 billion in U.S. dollars at the whim of foreign banks. To make matters worse, personal debt is skyrocketing, and bankruptcy protection has been gutted by the GOP...
Keywords: U.S. Economy; Liberty News TV; NAFTA; GATT; WTO; deficit; Clinton; Reagan; Free Trade; capitalism; U.S. dollar; alternative economies; time banks; time banking; barter; Disney; censorship; book burning
Downloads: 4,143
[movies]Commodites As Currency-What Is Money? - Rick
This video discusses what money really is: Learn the 3 types of money. Commodity Money, Receipt Money and Fiat money. Or maybe I should say learn what money is NOT. Because the only real money for thousands of years has truly been Silver and Gold! Everything else is just another currency used as a medium of exchange!!!
Keywords: Commodity Money; Receipt Money; Fiat Money; Silver and Gold; Silver; Gold; Purchase Power; US dollar; Paper Currency; Coins; Trading; Euro; British Pound; Yuan; Silver and Gold Certificates; US Currency; Commodity Bull
Downloads: 104
[audio][November 25 2008] Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: A History Of 'Hipp' And A Sitrep On The Current Thai Civil Rebellion... A 'Gentle Revolution' Is Long Overdue - Travus T. Hipp - Cabale News Service
In The News: A new venue for global trouble - Large mostly non-violent demonstrations are occurring in Bangkok Thailand where protesters have seized the airport and a number of buildings downtown. Details. 'Osama's Driver', Salim Hamdan, is to be extradited to Yemen shortly. More. Whither the US Economy? $600 billion has FINALLY been assigned to 'bad mortgage' bailouts after a gypsy switch to re capitalizing US banks (Cf...
Keywords: Travus T. Hipp; Cabale News Service; KPIG; Politics; News; Alternative News; U.S. Foreign Policy; U.S. Domestic Policy; Breaking Politics News; Realpolitik; Republican Family Values; Social Justice; APEC; Bailout Scheme; Bangkok; Bank Bailout; Bankruptcy; Barack Obama; Bush Administration; BushBoy; China; Citicorp; CitiGroup; Clusterfuck Nation; Corporatism; Cuba; Dalai Lama; Economic Bailout; Economic Fascism; Economic Package; Economic Stimulus; Economics; Edward Ted Kaufman; Financial Crisis; George W. Bush; Gerald Celente; Gypsy Switch; Hugo Chavez; Jim Kunstler; Joe Biden; Joint Naval Exercises; Latin America; Maryland; Middle Way; Monroe Doctrine; Mortgage bailouts; Obama Administration; Political Bloodsport; President Bush; Presidential Pardon; Russia; Russian Fleet; Salim Hamdan; Sentence Commutation; South America; Subprime Mortgage; super-inflation; Thailand; Tibet; Tibetan Liberation; Treasury Department; Trends Research Institute; United Press International; UPI; US Dollar; US Economy; US Treasury; Venezuela; Venezuelan Elections; Venezuelan Oil; White House; Yemen
Downloads: 79
[audio][July 25 2008] Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Dire Straits For The US Economy - Would Anyone Tell Us If The World Was Ending? Moreover, Would We Believe Them? Would We Believe Them If The Senate Held A Saturday Session? - Travus T. Hipp - Cabale News Service
The Archive's RSS feed appears to be broken. I will notify them if it doesn't update by tomorrow (July 29 2008). The report for today, July 28, is [here] In The News: State Department personnel have been feeding at the defense contract trough, A Big No-no, and there will be an investigation. Details The Iraqi interpreters and 'aides' to the US military, AKA Quislings, will receive 'safe haven' in the US if they get out of Iraq alive...
Keywords: Travus T. Hipp; Cabale News Service; KPIG; Politics; News; Alternative News; U.S. Foreign Policy; U.S. Domestic Policy; Breaking Politics News; Realpolitik; Republican Family Values; Social Justice; American Culture; American Society; Brain Tumor Risk; Bush Administration; Cancer; Cancer Research; Casualty Count; CBS; Cell Phone; Cell Phone Warning; Children; Childrens Rights; Congress; Corruption; Crude Oil; Currency; Dead Soldier; Dead US Soldier; Defense Contract; Democracy; Democrat; Economics; Ecosphere; Electromagnetic Field; EMF; Environment; Fannie MAE; Federal Reserve Bank; Freddie MAC; Gasoline Prices; Gasoline Production; Government Corruption; Health Hazard; Housing Crisis; Housing Rescue Bill; Iraq; Iraq War; Iraqi Interpreter; John A. Boehner; Middle East; Mobile Phone; Mortgage Bailout; Mortgage Bailout Bill; Mortgage Buyout; Mortgage Crisis; Mortgage Distress; National Strategic Petroleum Reserve; Offshore Oil Drilling; Oil Industry; Oil Production; Price Control; Quisling; Republican; Ronald Herberman; State Department; Subprime Mortgage; University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute; US Currency; US Dollar; US Economy; US Trasury; US Treasury; Women; Womens Issues; Womens Rights; Zimbabwe
Downloads: 188
[audio][April 08 2008] Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The Olympic Torch Does San Francisco, And San Francisco May 'Do' The Torch - Travus T. Hipp - Cabale News Service
In The News: General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker are in Senate Committee today to tell them how we're doing with the rape of Iraq, it's society and culture. Every time they say that progress is being made, here's a semantic prompt... Rocket & Mortar Attack On US Embassy Baghdad April 07 2008 Demonstrations today and tomorrow in San Francisco demanding Tibet's independence may cause the Olympic torch to reach the end of it's trip prematurely...
Keywords: Travus T. Hipp; Cabale News Service; KPIG; Politics; News; Alternative News; U.S. Foreign Policy; U.S. Domestic Policy; Breaking Politics News; Realpolitik; Republican Family Values; Social Justice; Ambassador Crocker; Amdo; American Culture; American Democracy; American Legal System; American Occupation; American Protectorate; American Society; American Troops in Iraq; Arms Smuggling; Army Deployment; Baghdad; Balkanised Iraq; Beijing; Black Ops; Blackwater; Blackwater Security; Blackwater USA; BlackwaterUSA; Bush Administration; Bush Family Ranch; Bush War; BushCo; BushWar; Casualty Count; Central Intelligence Agency; Child Abuse; Child Protective Services; Child Rearing; Children; Childrens Rights; Chinese Army; Chinese Government; Chinese Human Rights Violation; Chinese Military; Chinese Occupation Army; CIA; CIA Covert Operations; CIA Operations; Civil Conflict; Civil Defense; Civil Liberties; Civil Rights; Civil War; Clandestine Planning; Coalition Forces In Iraq; Cold War; Colombian Free Trade Agreement; Colonialism; Combat Operations; Combat Support; Community Health; Congressional Hearings; Constitutional Protection; Counter Offensive; Counter-Insurgency; Covert Operations; Criminal Investigation; Criminal Prosecution; Dalai Lama; Damage Control; Dead Civilians; Dead Soldiers; Defense Intelligence; Democracy Promotion; Democratization; Department of Defense; Destabilization; Diplomacy; Disinformation; Dog and Pony Show; Eastern Kham; Empire; Endgame; Endless War; Erik Prince; Ethnic Cleansing; Ethnocide; Europe; European Union; Extended Deployment; Fast-Track Provision; FBI; Federal Law; Fourth Branch Of The Government; Free Fire Zone; Free Trade; Free-Fire Zone; General Petraeus; Government Accountability; Government Destabilization; Government Disinformation; Government Propaganda; Gray Propaganda; Grey Propaganda; Health & Human Services; Health and Safety; Hegemony; Hired Gun; Historical Revisionism; History; Human Rights; Human Rights Abuse; Human Rights Activist; Human Rights Violation; Illegal Invasion; Illegal Occupation; Illegitimate Authority; Imperial Rule; Imperialism; Incarceration; Indigenous People; International Diplomacy; International Law; International Politics; Invasion of Iraq; Iraq; Iraq Government; Iraq War; Iraqi Army; Iraqi Pa; Iraqi Parliament; Iraqi Political Process; Iraqi Security Forces; Justice; Khampa; Kidnapping; land redistribution; Latter Day Saints; Law; Law Enforcement; Legal System; Lhasa; Low Intensity Warfare; Mahdi Army; Mandatory Incarceration; Martial Law; Mass Demonstration; Mass Movement; Media; Media Coverage; Media Disinformation; Media Spin; Mercenary; Middle East; Militarism; Military Deployment; Military Enlistment; Military Recruiting; Military-Industrial Complex; Minority Rights; Moqtada al-Sadr; Mormon; Muqtada al-Sadr; Nation Building; National Sovereignty; New World Order; New World Police State; Nomadic; Occupation; Occupation Army; Occupation Of Iraq; Oil Wars; Olympic Committee; Olympic Torch; Olympics; Operational Tempo; OPTEMPO; Organized Resistance; Pacification; Pacified Cities; Paramilitary; Paramilitary Contractors; Paramilitary Troops; Persian Gulf; Petraeus; Petraeus Report; Police; Police Riot; Police State; Police Sweep; Political Activism; Political Philosophy; Potala Palace; PR Nightmare; President Bush; Private Army; Protest; Proxy Army; Proxy War; Public Relations; Public Relations Nightmare; Qinghai; Rape of Iraq; Regional Currency; Resource Wars; Rocket And Mortar Attack; Sadr Ci; Sadr City; San Francisco; Sino-US relations; Skull and Bones; Social Control; Social Engineering; Sociology; State Department; State Terror; Teen; Teenage; Texas; The Surge; The Surge™; Tibet; Tibet Independence; Tibet Liberation; Tibetan government; Tibetan Government in Exile; Totalitarian; Troop Deployment; TV News; U.S. Collaborators; U.S. Diplomacy; U.S. Forces in Iraq; U.S. Government; U.S. Government Propaganda; Under Reported News; Under-Reported News; Unjust War; US Dollar; US Embassy Baghdad; War Crimes; War Pigs; War President; War Zone; Warmonger; Warmongering; War-mongering; Xikang
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